circle, the birds are talking about big station station Laoniao good user experience, how to say people are things we can do that, then thought to write a short article briefly talk about my personal understanding of user experience. Beside us, from us recently, we are in daily use, they are living to achieve the ultimate user experience of the product or service ah, I can casually say several.


evaluation of the quality of a product, from the point of view of the use of the number of people to say that it is not objective. Do not exaggerate, how many people in China will be on the Internet, there are many people in the use of QQ!

QQ, let’s look at the eyes, as long as the domain name will be able to use QQ for free enterprise mailbox service, new network nets can give us such a service? After all, only by this point, I personally think that QQ Chinese know better than Baidu, QQ ranked first in speaking that is because I feel at home with Baidu spell, only Tencent. Baidu is not biased, as long as the Tencent does not destroy, Baidu do boss I do not accept!

Meitu Xiu Xiu

Meitu Xiu Xiu

with Photoshop is better than this, we all understand. But after all, not everyone is a designer, take me, changes in the logo, I think Photoshop is a bit with the cannon to fight mosquitoes meaning, modify the image size to two points under the mouse (> image; image size), open Meitu Xiu Xiu, click on the upper right corner "(OK size"). By this point I think Meitu Xiu Xiu is more practical than Photoshop, can easily and quickly find the function I need is practical! Is a good user experience


Douding is one of the earliest document sharing website, Baidu docs has been imitated, but never surpassed. I often read books to find information, Douding, from time to time to upload some of my writing promotion plan for everyone to download, make a small fast. Douding is good because Douding document search results more information, high precision, accurate positioning. You can go to Baidu and Douding document search with a word contrast, search "chain" try


Youdao blog search

blog search is the largest Chinese Blog search, including more than 50 million blogs and 1 billion blog articles. I use it and use it every day. I use it instead of reading blogs. Unlike post news, it is more popular and more close to the life, using a webmaster blog search search for human flesh acquisition Bowen, although not high, but the quality of software acquisition than hard, my impression of this blog has always been on a blog search in the collection, and the ranking is not bad. From this point can also be seen that the vast majority of users of the search is a webmaster, although the flow is not large, but the user experience is very good to do a good job, is not it?

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