now with more and more people to keep pets, pet industry has been hot enough to do, how to grasp the opportunity to earn a sum in the world of pets? In fact, it is very simple, do a good job for the logistics services for pets, pet owners to share the trouble of raising pets, so that life becomes more love!

1, cleaning up dog poop services, whether you believe it or not, you can live a very comfortable life by setting up a service company to clean up dog feces in your community. This is a very easy to create business, it requires little investment, no professional skills, and only need to operate the smallest amount of machinery and equipment.

by advertising in the local newspaper, the publicity column posted leaflets, with other companies and clubs within the community and dog related to clean up dog feces to your business publicity. Most services are priced between $30 and $60 a week, and you go to a client’s home or company’s location every week to clean up the dog poop in their yard. It takes no more than 10 minutes to clean up each time. You need a reliable transport, a mobile phone, garbage, plastic bags, shovels, gloves and a pair of high quality rubber boots.

2, pet photography as an animal lover, I can not imagine a more interesting and rewarding than animal photography business. Unfortunately, I am not a very good photographer, but if you are, and you also like pets, so what are you waiting for

3, dog clothing and accessories Americans spend more than $30 billion on their pets each year