rural entrepreneurship has become the social hot spots, many college students after graduation have no choice in the city office, but the choice of home business, partly because the advantages of rural entrepreneurship, on the other hand, is because you want to promote rural economic development.

lasted more than a year, participating enterprises reached more than 1 thousand and 700 of the second China agricultural science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition in late September out. During the contest, "Economic Daily" reporters interviewed more part of participating enterprises, acquisition of innovative entrepreneurs story, listen to the government and investment institutions to record the voice, the country’s largest agricultural science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship "arena" of the story –

money crisis

in a Zaoyuan Wuzhong City in Ningxia national agricultural science and Technology Park in the western Ningxia valley water saving technology limited company chairman Du Chao told reporters that they invented a new kind of intelligent irrigation technology last year, do the irrigation experiment in this orchard. The extension of new technology should be carried out through a large area of crop cultivation, cultivation, observation, recording and other aspects of the field experiments. Along with the rising cost of recruitment, the funding gap is very large, the project was suspended, almost let the advanced technology of die.

Tianjin bonna agela Technology Co., engaged in research and development of detection technology of medicine and food, products have been into the international market. However, this is a registered capital of about 18000000 high-tech enterprises was because of the lack of liquidity, helplessly and a good column missed production project. "The equipment investment and the early development of debt has been running, plus sales channels are difficult to grasp, once the backlog of goods agents, the loss is homely food." Chairman Liang Ping said a lot of distressed companies.

"chance" to meet

Agricultural Innovation in the Asset Management Limited company is the organizer of the competition, is the competition oriented Fund managers. In 2010 the first contest, they made a recommendation to