is now the Internet business has become a popular way of business, at the same time, a very good Internet business conditions have in the Hangzhou area, but also attracted many entrepreneurs to entrepreneurship, provide a good business environment for them.

in "space layout planning of Hangzhou national innovation demonstration zone" (Draft), where the yunqi town of 8.2 square kilometers of the river will focus on the development of cloud computing, cloud computing business and cultural creative industry three.

now yunqi town is focused on building " Industrial Science and technology innovation ranch black sky "as the entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem model. Cloud habitat conference is a platform for the concentration of creativity.

data is full of opportunities, determines the future of cloud. Observe the cloud habitat from the time dimension, it will be found in a very important historical node. In this regard, decision-makers and entrepreneurs in Hangzhou are well aware that the development of big data industry has reached a very important opportunity.

background of the construction of national innovation demonstration zone, how to better the cloud side, to create a global influence "Internet plus" center for innovation and entrepreneurship, and become an important focus in a period of transformation and development of Hangzhou.

gathered in the Alibaba, NetEase, Hikvision (002415, shares), three China communications industry leader, has formed the national big data industry agglomeration advantages. Among them, as the representative of the Zhejiang to Ali cloud cloud computing enterprise has become a national cloud computing industry leader, the number of Chinese media cloud, cloud three, Hua Kang video and a number of government cloud cloud platform has begun to take advantage of the characteristics of.

"Yunxi held conference, is recommended to cloud