modern entrepreneurs in the face of fierce global competition, with considerable pressure, how to turn pressure into power, to win in the game and foreign enterprise, is ambitious aspiring entrepreneurs must think about.

11 15 -21 June, Wuhan International Entrepreneurship Week Zaihan held the legendary Silicon Valley venture capital and domestic venture capital industry in Wuhan for the future Chinese players such as a customer to discuss the weapon, Wuhan entrepreneurial innovation road.

the Entrepreneurship Week theme of entrepreneurship innovation leading the future ", sponsored by the Wuhan Municipal People’s government, the Municipal Commission by letter, science and Technology Bureau contractors, business week, international entrepreneurship innovation forum, entrepreneurial projects competition, entrepreneurship and innovation, creating fair carnival, special" Qing Tong Hui "and other 5 activities will splendid performance.

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International Business Innovation Forum

Yangtze River

IDG venture capital (USA) managing director of Pat  Kenealy, Silicon Valley and the domestic venture capital circles activists Ma glitter, how to make the decryption of entrepreneurial projects from paper into reality.

is known as the "Chinese investment Godfather" Yan will be sharing the latest trends of international investment; the development of nebula CEO Yang Haitao interpretation of intelligent hardware accelerator.


] venture contest

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