eighteen years, the Chinese government has always stressed to decentralization, to avoid unnecessary procedures affect the efficiency. But a variety of wonderful proof is still emerging, there is a requirement to prove that my mother is my mother, as well as the requirements of the death of 103 years to open his grandfather’s death certificate.

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coincidentally, Lu uncle opened that wonderful experience is not the case, the people of Ji’nan and Mr. Lu Ru also has a similar experience to prove. Ms. Yu said that her husband died of illness in 2008, he was in Ji’nan, the third transport company (now renamed Ji’nan new FireWire limited liability company). 2000 years, they have been involved in the plant’s fund-raising, in recent years after the restructuring of the unit, you can receive 3000 yuan of dividends, ms.. So he went to the unit to do the formalities, was also asked to open the husband and father-in-law’s death certificate. "My husband died in 2008, the police station proved, but my father-in-law died in 1969, has been 46 years, we went to the police station to ask, they said that the archives information are not filing, not open to prove." Ru said.