everything in the world is from scratch, for the novice, perhaps now you do not have any entrepreneurial experience, but time will teach you everything. Of course, if you have a good guide, can take a lot of detours, you can save more energy. This time you can choose to shop Qian taste. Qian taste why good? The main points are as follows: three

1, comprehensive training, enhance the ability to provide business training: headquarters manager chef training, before investors management training, promotion and training, improve the overall quality of staff. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the market and changes in consumer characteristics, the headquarters will provide a continuous stream of other continuous training for the brand shop, greatly improving the ability of the brand store operators to control the market.

2 help, location, decoration scheme: expert team headquarters 24 hours a day, the reception line stores and headquarters and a consultation, do due diligence, experienced marketing team, can come to assist investment planning for each store, investors tailored to the most appropriate decoration, so as to shorten the running time for investors

quick start, easy profit!

3, marketing planning, precise positioning: the headquarters of the planning team for the cooperation of the brand shop to provide accurate marketing programs, and organize the implementation of. All kinds of holiday promotions, plans to enhance brand image, customer tracking and maintenance scheme, establishment and maintenance of membership management system, designing and producing all kinds of relevant supporting material by the professional team headquarters strict support.

Qian taste for entrepreneurs to join? Hundreds of kinds of dishes, by repeated test of 36 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine flavor blending into full play, and to ensure that all Fang Han flavor duck neck does not add any pigment and preservatives, create eight cuisine, taste of duck.

1, advertising: "Qian flavor duck neck" in famous website TV newspapers multi platform for brand promotion, cooperation store to enhance the visibility, make cooperation shop enjoying famous brand to bring tourists, create greater profits.

2, new R & D: headquarters professional R & D team, each quarter will be guided by the market trend of consumption combined with the brand launch of new products, so that partners in the new market to occupy the foundation.

3, regional protection: "Qian flavor duck neck" brand operating headquarters will protect each partner’s interests, the cooperation development limits in certain areas, to ensure that partners can enjoy one of the market, with ample space for development.

agent Qian flavor duck neck, let you quickly Liye million investment. Qian flavor duck neck is the people of the world’s favorite food, meat, high protein content and low fat content, enjoy the "flesh of pride" reputation.