entrepreneurs want to do a good job in business, just rely on the brand advantage is not long, it is important to understand the business strategy, the same is true of the pastry shop! So today Xiaobian for those who want to open a pastry shop entrepreneurs who, through four specific cases to analyze the pastry shop which business strategy, we hope to help!

pastry shop business strategy 1: product dislocation

case: in Qingdao high-end supermarket – Parkes passengers, there are 2 bakery, one is from Japan’s well-known brand "flange Sawyer", another is Hongkong people invest in the well-known brand "good world", the two shop 2 entrance on the same floor of a supermarket, so is also a fierce competition. But the "flange Sawyer" main selling bread brand, variety, price, is the location in the high-end high-quality bread, cake and pastry and no business; "good world" is the main birthday cake, some popular bakery collocation. So both in the operation of their own efforts to highlight the "fist product", thus avoiding the homogenization of products caused by the same consumer groups to snatch competition, and business is very good.

comments: when are you going to shop near other brands, the best products for its advantages and disadvantages were analyzed, and their own product advantages comparison, and then decide whether to enter into, after what are the advantages of products as the main business, and this advantage can not be easily copied opponents in short time in order to achieve or exceed the advantages of dislocation and the original brand, so you can create the advantages of brand, to achieve a relatively stable coexistence.

pastry shop business strategy 2: pattern dislocation


case: there are 3 bakery in the vicinity of struggle and innovation road street in Harbin, the total distance between them is only 100 meters, hollyland, 3, 100 Miqi Xianglin brand par and the adjacent, but the 3 operations are also good. Is the first local brand hollyland birthday cake; maky is of high quality bread brand, although it also stressed that his "cake leader" image, but people still prefer to classify it as a high-quality brand of bread; 100 forest is positioned in the "baking small workshop" brand. Specifically, hollyland store space is relatively small, with only a birthday cake as the main business; maky because of relatively large space, with high quality site baked bread for the characteristics, had also increased over the western fast food KFC; 100 Xianglin store is not a business processing workshop, with shelves, customers buy fresh baked products in glass the window, and only about 10 kinds of products, the price is suitable for mass consumption. 3 brands through the dislocation of the business model, although there are a small number of cross competition, but in a large position to achieve a relatively stable coexistence.

comment: Based on product dislocation, if can choose and recommend.