do not think that in the Chinese market is just the story of the Chinese entrepreneurs, in fact, many foreigners have also made a world in the entrepreneurial market. "Welcome to the West."!" If you just listen to the voice, you never thought of, and standard from a blonde foreigner.

To Changsha

13 years ago, 4 years ago the shop business, now the German couple Wu Zhengrong, Du Xuehui will own bread shop, Xiangchun lane to create a sweet scenery, and next door neighbours transfer deep human touch, let them fall in love with the "second home".

second hometown has a thick human touch

tall and handsome, Chinese said very smoothly, also from time to time out of several Changsha sound, 45 year old Wu Zhengrong can be called the genuine china. 13 years ago, as a member of the German Association of global relief Wu Zhengrong, came to Changsha with his wife, became a volunteer to help deaf people. "These years, we almost traveled to Hunan, to make their own strength in the silent world people love, this is a very meaningful thing." Wu Zhengrong said.

pass for the disabled at the same time, Wu Zhengrong found himself in the city, is also a comprehensive and full of human. Changsha to 10 years, the couple moved three times, from Mawangdui, West Lake Furong district community to the Kaifu District of Hunan Spring Lane, "no matter where the neighbors always met and greeted me with enthusiasm, community activities have no less inviting us to!" Wu Zhengrong said, those happy ha ha scene, really very warm.

4 years ago Wu Zhengrong popped open bakery in Changsha thought, in addition to hoping to help more deaf people, but also from the couple love making cakes, especially Du Xuehui craft, often let their friends greatly. "In Changsha, there are not many foreigners who need to shop, but many of them need to do so, but let us feel the enthusiasm of the people of Changsha again!" Wu Zhengrong recalled, not only street community staff to take the initiative to pick up the information to some organs when the window work, the other is to clear up doubts, particularly enthusiastic, so he soon successfully licensing shop.

now Wu Zhengrong and Du Xuehui, both the owner and staff, everything Pro Pro, raw materials procurement personally, the production process strictly, the customer came to serve as a waiter. West Point store hired pastry is deaf, Wu Zhengrong every day at 4 in the morning to get up, better allocation of raw materials and then taught them, although hard but feel an endless enjoyment.

said that "wine is not afraid of deep alley, since there is a bakery Rong, Xiang Chun Xiang" but we are not afraid of deep alley sweet. "!" Although different nationality, but Xiang Chun Xiang stay together morning and night for years, residents of the early German husband and wife as neighbors, not only after the recommended