said in Korean delicacy project so much in what project in Chinese market more favored by investors, Xiaobian see also is Bibimbap. In order to facilitate consumer oriented business direction of Korea Korean Bibimbap sangdoo, with the steady financial policy, hard market investment, let the enterprise stability and rapid development, so that employees, partners, investors and consumers of our common benefit. Then the Han sangdoo Bibimbap joined

what are the requirements?

Han sangdoo joined requirements:

1. Han sangdoo franchisees willing to accept South Korea Korean sangdoo dolsotbap joined the way and conditions, abide by the rules and headquarters operation and management system.

2. has a good reputation and credit, capital adequacy, the ability to assume market risk.

3. Han sangdoo franchisees are suitable for the operation of South Korean sangdoo dolsotbap fast-food sales places in the city’s downtown area plenty of traffic.

4. Han sangdoo franchisee identity sangdoo dolsotbap Korea Korean corporate culture and business philosophy, product trademarks, cognitive Han Shangdao Korean dolsotbap join.

5. has a strong ability to coordinate social and public relations.

6. Han sangdoo franchisees have the ability to independently bear civil liability decency, no criminal record, catering business qualifications and effective business license and the relevant license.

Han sang as a mature catering enterprises, to less investment, high profit, quick return, is the best choice for your business! Han sangdoo Bibimbap joined what are the requirements? Han sangdoo dolsotbap login official website to know the franchise information, if you are interested in Korean Korean sangdoo dolsotbap alliance project or what questions don’t forget the message