the current society is in a period of great development Internet plus, actively promote the development of local economy, cannot do without for the trend of the times closely combined. So, Zigong how to promote e-commerce into the countryside? The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding.

(1) to the construction of the pilot counties as the starting point. In Rongxian issued the "Rongxian electronic commerce into the rural comprehensive demonstration project implementation plan", arranged 5 million yuan of special subsidies for rural electricity supplier, electricity supplier center has been completed and realized gradually settled in the county, the county’s electricity hub formation. At present, the county’s 27 villages and towns electricity supplier service stations and 30 village electricity supplier service points are stepping up the layout.

(2) to the main cultivation as the starting point. Support the local electricity supplier "Danong sink" to build the online platform, the integration of long tea, peanut, purple soil seven Xiang Shu Fang and a number of private agricultural products (000061, stock it) characteristics of the brand, in cooperation with, to the full realization of the town, industrial products to agricultural products to the countryside.

(3) to enhance the internal force as the starting point. Docking with the Hangzhou Oracle Technology Co. Ltd, cooperation to promote the construction of traceability system for agricultural products, from the quality control to improve the additional value of the goods; held in the village first Secretary of rural e-commerce training ", the new rural transport electricity supplier for the city’s theory of precise poverty village first secretary, village cadres and other 140 people in poverty alleviation, enhance frontline cadres the level of knowledge.

Zigong in the promotion of e-commerce into the rural areas, according to local characteristics, adopted four major measures. I hope that in the future, these measures can be effectively implemented, and can achieve remarkable results, to further promote the local economic development in Zigong.

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