venture tide, more and more people become entrepreneurs, go on the road of business. But in these entrepreneurs, there are some impetuous militants, they let the entrepreneurial boom surging a lot of impetuous phenomenon, here to share the six impetuous phenomenon for entrepreneurs reference.

in the mobile Internet world, not afraid of controversy, afraid of silence. So, you will see that the platform, large founder speech share, Ma Jiajia is an example.

however, the business itself, Ma Jiajia’s contribution, in addition to a speech and PPT, only the experience of failure. The first venture to sell fun supplies, in the end, investors told reporters that before the angel investor’s money has been transferred to her next project.

"still have a dream, if achieved it, Ma, listed on Alibaba said before. And for many entrepreneurs now, or to blow the leather, in case the realization of it?

most impetuousThe number of

the amount of financing? Valuation? For many start-up companies, from last year seems to be the best time to grab capital, at $30 million, $50 million, or even $800 million, $. But are they real?

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