is working you will have such a feeling that if you can not bring their own food is good, cooking is a very troublesome thing for white-collar workers, but not their own cooking and food nutrition not to worry about the outside, how to do? Li Ji easy to dispel concerns for you. Li Ji lunch to meet the nutritional needs of modern people, scientific and reasonable nutrition collocation called nutrition textbook of modern people completely, so the taste, the technology, the rhyme, always let a person as the acme of perfection, around the famous brand will further be easy to innovation, the introduction of more distinctive cuisine, stay at home, can let you tasted over the dishes, only let you have this delicious lunch brand.

joined LEE KEE Bento eight reasons:

here is the innovative operation of the team, so that if you can join in the back of the tree to worry about the entrepreneurial business;

second, here is the Taiwan R & D team, so that the Taiwan Li Ji Bento products will be updated every month, and will only operate the desktop style;

third, easy to join the creative marketing promotion team, as well as proprietary platform for O2O operations, so that the natural can be convenient and fast;

fourth, it is easy to join the choice of Taiwan Li Ji Bento, you can enjoy the experience of the shop to carry out training and learning, as well as the central kitchen to distribution;

fifth, where the standardized kitchen combines the major platforms to compare the depth of cooperation, so that success is no longer a dream;

sixth, the brand has a strategic partner, but also has its own operating platform, so it is possible to carry out more in-depth cooperation, so that franchisees enjoy more profits;

seventh, WeChat ordering platform, so that consumers can love takeout lunch to order and whenever and wherever possible, let the franchisee friends earn corresponding money;

eighth, there are a lot of good after-sales service fee to join the operating system, its location, promotion, planning, decoration, etc., will operate for your hand, naturally can be regarded as omnipotent.

brand delicious variety of everything, unique formula and secret material, to ensure their own good taste. Join the advantages of many advantages of the brand convenience, so that franchisees easily achieve profitability.

brand is also good to eat cheap, and gradually become the mainland tourists will taste the taste of Taiwan, Taiwan is a beautiful scenery line. Taiwan Li Ji lunch from Taiwan, Taiwan to the ultimate transfer of petty bourgeoisie taste delicious, is easy to join agent.