now there are a lot of young people want to start a business, but a small small how to venture? Do you think you can do it? 1000 yuan started, my answer is yes, a disabled guy is the use of 1000 yuan started, he started a thousand dollars because more than 200 jobs were rejected caused. Thousand yuan started, he is admirable, and now he has 10 stores.

he said yesterday, is planning a technical school training, mold design and manufacturing, computer application, car maintenance, clothing design and other practical technical talents.

has opened 7 chain repair shop, He Zhixiong in 2008 has been set up in computer repair training. Students two months of learning skills, a month in store internship, outstanding achievements by He Zhixiong to assist in the opening of stores or stay. More than two years of his computer repair training courses were trained more than and 300 people.