if you have a dream, you have to actively implement the action. Entrepreneurship open brand stores, will be a good business choice. Now I want to go through the shop, on the road of wealth, you also have to do the preparatory work. What do you need to do in the end? The following with Xiaobian look at.

1, to the trade and Industry Bureau to apply for pre registration name.

2, prepared the corresponding registration materials, opened brand shop procedures for how to do Industrial and Commercial Bureau detailed notice, can also include face-to-face consultation, fill out the form, preparation of articles of association, the registered capital verification certificate of residence, etc.; if the individual license, no articles of association and registered capital said.

3, will be handed over to the trade and Industry Bureau of the above materials, how to open a brand-name shop in a few days to get a business license.

4, licensed to the Public Security Bureau for official seal.

5, to the Technical Supervision Bureau for the opening of the name of the shop how to do procedures agency code.

6, for tax registration and bank accounts, so far the basic formalities.

7, the legal representative can only have one, how to open a brand-name shop procedures, but if you do is a partnership, the implementation of the partnership business executives can have more than one person.

Preferential policies around

8, tax is different, mainly related to the following factors: special industries such as high-tech, specific areas such as industrial and Technological Development Zone area, resettlement of laid-off staff, disabled employees etc..

open brand stores need to do what preparations? The above has been given a complete description, I believe you will have a deeper understanding. Want to successfully set up shop, you have to run the formalities, only with the corresponding business documents, you will be recognized by the market in order to make money.