Taiwan flavor snack brand Taiwan funded flavor is an innovative table takeaway brand, operating in good taste, convenient, intimate service, known. It is one of the most famous brands in many healthy, nutritious and delicious fast food. At the same time, Taiwan is also committed to creating a taste of the takeaway online marketing line sales of innovative takeaway brand. What is the taste of Taiwan funded brand?

Taiwanese flavor join how

joined the brand to enjoy the following advantages:


wants to join the fast-food takeaway taste Taiwan investors, is a very suitable choice, flexible investment, only need a minimalist takeaway kitchen and you can complete your entrepreneurial dream, headquarters will according to the investor’s economic status to join in making appropriate support programs, let all of the franchisee you can shop profit in the short time, easy to get rich.

Taiwan owned fast food takeaway innovative operating team, so that entrepreneurs worry free. At the same time, the Taiwan capital taste take away fast food to carry on the innovation unceasingly, carries on the renewal of the product every month, attracts the general consumer, has the very high turn over rate. Moreover, the headquarters to provide experiential training shop to learn, so that entrepreneurs can start a business. Taiwanese flavor takeaway fast food also uses the combination of online and offline ways to broaden the consumption channels, open up new consumer markets.

at the same time headquarters will also have a full range of support:

1, the whole store output: the company offers shop location, decoration design, shop staff training, logistics and distribution, promotion and other services.

2, brand resources: free brand trademark, brand name, such as a full set of VI system.

3, product R & D: R & D team constantly updated product content, expand the market area.

4, technical equipment training: professional lecturer to teach the production process and equipment operation.

5, the late service: from the signing of the contract to the management, tracking service, regular orientation communication training.

6, logistics and distribution: four logistics transfer library, the whole process of cold chain logistics, low cost, high efficiency.

7, brand promotion: to provide network, OTO, television, newspapers, magazines, outdoor advertising, radio and other media channels.

8, business district protection: strict implementation of regional protection policies, regulate the behavior of local shops, to ensure that investors in the region’s exclusive operations, the factory has its own 4 logistics transfer station no blind area distribution.

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