a lot of people have a strong desire for wealth, but the real action to get the wealth of people is very small, this part of the people are often those who dare to act entrepreneurs. In fact, everyone should have a business experience, because in this one can experience and learn a lot of things.

There are many mountain

in this world, there are a lot of road, the road of entrepreneurship is the most difficult road to the top of the hill, the road is full of hardships and dangers, need to continue to climb a hill, hills full of choice, courage, struggle, failure and success stories.

Why did

go over the hill? Just because the mountain was there?. For many people, just curious about entrepreneurship and fashion, so when they came to the mountainside, realize that this road is " " self torture; process, then turned down.

is that there are some people, no matter how hard the road, no regrets. If you do not start, they will regret a lifetime, be full of regret for the rest of his life; they clearly realized that life can not live forever, to live that did not challenge the trivialization of life; they are angular, only their own dream to create out of the ordinary life; they even at the darkest place, the heart also has bright; they have the heart strong gravitational pull on entrepreneurship.

when we in the heart under the action of gravity to devote to create new things, easily into the " flow; " state, in which many people describe themselves as the most outstanding performance when ripe, as easy as blowing off dust feeling, is the player said, at the peak of " " the artist said Quanyong " Xilinx ". We become so focused on the task at hand that nothing can be felt around us. In the flow, be made one action and consciousness. Time flies like electricity, the self disappears, everything, both mentally and physically, reaches its peak.

of course, the dream has never been a material thing, it often can not bring us the enjoyment of the secular, but the source of all creativity, it is deep in the dream from the gravity. My old friend, good business partner Wang Shengjiang, is such a strong inner gravity disturbing molecules, he decided to jump out of a comfortable life in the area of the most glorious 40 years of life, become the commercial real estate sector transformation first venture investment.

for entrepreneurs, he hand spur "entrepreneurs only Qinliqinwei, Yiyidangshi can only succeed"; on the other hand to encourage "as long as we don’t give up, insist, one day will be successful.". He believed himself to the age of 60, will have a heart of entrepreneurship and innovation, believe that victory by heart and force.