we all know that in the summer the most popular method is to eat crayfish with beer, the extent of selling crayfish in Chinese can be called is undoubtedly behind such as the acme of perfection, the consumption phenomenon of the huge hidden wealth of opportunities, is a wealth of opportunities for the crayfish, small in this case we recommend a crayfish join the brand have chewing lobster. So how to have chewing lobster? It has what join conditions:

1, confidence in the catering business, is willing to actively join the "Yi gum franchise catering business" units and individuals.

2, with the integrity of the business reputation, self-motivated, dedication and hard-working spirit.

3, my family and I have good health and passion in the industry.

4 is willing to accept, "recalling the chewing gum headquarters management, training in uniform.

5, to provide a legal identity card, so as to establish a real file headquarters.

6, according to the requirements of unified suspension "recalling the chewing gum image sign.

7, willing to consciously safeguard the "Yi gum" brand image, not by the "Yi gum" brand effect harm the interests of consumers.

8, after the opening of the headquarters is willing to provide stores and sales of photos of the scene, so that the headquarters to establish customer files. Three months after joining the company does not provide open photos and operating conditions, the headquarters will be withdrawn from the franchise.

have joined in support of:

gum lobster

a, brand support

during the period of the contract, authorized stores enjoy "Yi chewing lobster to join" the right to use the brand. Authorized stores has the right and must use the "Yi gum" within the scope of the contract sign or business logo, and other VI system.

two, technical support

authorized stores within the scope of the contract has the right to use the "Yi gum" characteristics of lobster, original dishes and other proprietary technology.

three, store decoration, equipment procurement support

headquarters for the franchise store decoration design drawings and provide free food and decoration of operating equipment price concessions to the franchisee reference.

four, manpower support

headquarters uses training base and R & D Center