nowadays people’s living conditions are improving day by day, and many families are living a better life. Accompanied by the increase in the pressure of our lives. In this case, the consumer demand for leisure products increased. Beverage business. A little bit of tea fine materials, allow consumers to experience the real view of the fresh.

a little bit of tea can become rich? Choose to join a little tea for investors throughout the year and good business investment without any menace from the rear, easily when the boss. So, how to join the 1 little tea shop? Food and beverage for the small one for the interpretation of the 33.

how about a little milk tea? How do you want to join? See the following details:

how to join the 1 little tea shop? Process Description:

1, investment advisory: through telephone, fax, online message, etc. to the headquarters of the preliminary understanding of project information;

2, field trips: investors need to go to a little bit of tea headquarters to conduct field visits to the project, visit the store, confirm the project, submit an application;

3, join qualification audit: a little bit of milk tea headquarters for investors to carry out the qualification examination, confirm the qualification of investors;

4, the two sides signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, formally signed a cooperation contract;

5, business guidance: a little milk tea headquarters to assist investors in business, and to provide operational guidance and help, after the formal operation, the headquarters to provide shop skills, promotional programs and other technical support guidance.

entrepreneurs can join the process through a little bit of milk to establish a good relationship with the headquarters, and gradually develop their own successful career. In the entrepreneurial process, the headquarters will provide comprehensive professional guidance to build stores, in order to reduce the risk and difficulty of entrepreneurship, allows businesses to easily enjoy the delicacy of wealth.