every hot entrepreneurial road is not smooth, the hero of this article is no exception. There is a room, in the west of Chengdu is elegant, every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, there will be people from all sides in this together, to attract them, is broad and profound Chinese traditional flower arrangement, and the cottage floral Professor, from Taiwan’s founder Cao Rui yun.

"to the mainland in 2000 not to teach floral, but to accompany their children to school". About the situation at the time, Cao Rui Yun said this is coincidental, she was a classmate friend native of Chongqing, and to Chengdu for more than and 10 years, the Chengdu culture is very popular, tried to persuade me to take their children to come to Chengdu to study and life. Because of this simple idea, she decided to come to Chengdu, came to the "do not want to leave the city".