Shanghai Lujiazui is a very high visibility to the commercial area, it can be said now in Shanghai is a land where business in this place has become a main theme, recently, in order to encourage entrepreneurship in Shanghai, Lujiazui is also a business district.

"this is not a luxury group, is really good!" Shanghai million Cci Capital Ltd general manager Zhou Li started in Shanghai Pudong venture, he told reporters, at the beginning, their hope is similar to the "business district" in the community, "upstairs downstairs accommodation, do business".

mansion and the top office was once the Shanghai Lujiazui area for the most distinctive external image "". Lujiazui lot of office floors per square meter per square meter average price of 20 yuan or more, and here’s a luxury, there were about $140 thousand per square meter, the price of $10 per year". In the future, for small and micro financial entrepreneurs entrepreneurial blocks or will become tall on the Lujiazui another card".