in the current era, entrepreneurship is no longer just a man thing, women have become a very important part of the market. My hero Wei Xiaohong embarked on such a path of entrepreneurship, and is the cause of the stronger, more and more success.

sister, start the equipment preheating, inform you On your marks ready to produce, our target is 70 thousand." In the morning 8 points not to drop, located in fengle streets village 2 groups of Yi Jin moon cake production plant in a busy scene, 28 workers dressed in overalls, wearing masks, each in busy with his work.

boss Wei Xiaohong while greeting, while viewing the processing area.

registered moon cake trademark

Wei Xiaohong is 32 years old this year, in the ice thin moon cake production has been 10 years in the eyes of friends, she is a "Master moon cake", not only because she has a rich experience in production, but also because she made moon cake taste is very delicious.

8 years ago, Wei Xiaohong solo from the family of moon cake business, industry and Commerce in fengle help, registered the "Jin Yi" brand moon cake.

as the saying goes: everything is difficult at the beginning. Wei Xiaohong started stage encountered many difficulties in the business, "at that time, lack of capital, even the purchase of raw materials all the money on credit, almost can not work."

Wei Xiaohong promised to suppliers of raw materials, until after the sale of moon cake to pay arrears. She did not expect that, more than and 100 boxes, more than 30 thousand cakes to listed on the unsalable.

"can not sell out the reason is that others do not believe that the new brand." Wei Xiaohong recalled that, in order to open the market, she and her husband Liu Yang drove to the town to sell at a discount, and finally the remaining dozens of boxes she directly to 8 pounds a pound sold to the pig farm.

"I’m going to make sure that everyone agrees with me." From the beginning of 2009, Wei Xiaohong running around during the day, sitting in the evening next to the machine packaging moon cake, very hard every day.

Wei Xiaohong’s pay is not in vain, her moon cake by more and more people know, finally opened up the market.

introduction of advanced equipment

start at the beginning, not several decent Wei Xiaohong factory equipment, moon cake stuffing from the packaging are to complete the manual, "there are 18 skilled staff in the factory, every day from morning to night only can produce 20 thousand."

Wei Xiaohong said, due to aging equipment and backward, recommended