in order to stimulate the vitality of college students, governments at all levels in the hardware and software have introduced a number of measures to ensure that students can reduce the obstacles encountered on the road to entrepreneurship. Innovation and entrepreneurship base is one of the means of support.

2015 in December 21st, the total area of 4300 square meters in Baoding where the students completed the main part of the function innovation base, put into use.

the space has held various business training courses more than 30 games, training benefit business students, more than 2000 people young entrepreneurs organization; venture roadshow more than 10 games, for a number of business projects to raise funds of nearly 10 million yuan. At present, the space has been assigned to the project of Baoding Honey Island community baking O2O museum project to raise 100 thousand yuan venture capital, Beijing Lanwei Technology Co., EasyCAE cloud computing platform project to raise 5 million yuan of funds innovation.

show the students’ creative base operation mode of government, the management mode of University Science and Technology Park Co. Ltd. show, first stationed in by the Federation of Baoding Electronic Commerce Association, Baoding City College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, and polymerization in insurance 17 universities as well as Baoding, Fujian, Zhejiang and other 24 chambers of commerce power, together to create collaborative innovation entrepreneurial base.

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