some people start their own businesses for their dreams, while others start to survive. Zhang Chengyun, who has been suffering from the entrepreneur once suffered cruel fate of the blow, he was determined to recover in the pain, through entrepreneurship to lead more people to become rich, become the star of entrepreneurship".

2011 knee comminuted fracture, in 2012, his wife was paralyzed due to cerebral thrombosis, born in 2013, was born grandson was diagnosed with congenital blindness. Although the 3 consecutive years of bad luck, Ren Feng Zhen Xi Jie Cun Zhang Chengyun did not bow to fate. Since the beginning of 2013, he led the village of 4 families of disabled persons, founded Lingyun fruits planting cooperatives. By the end of 2015, Zhang Chengyun was named the star of disabled entrepreneurs. He led cooperatives, a total of 15 disabled farmers, planting greenhouses, 20. "We farmers in cooperatives, every family has a disability. What are the difficulties, we take care of each other."

for three consecutive years, Disasters pile up on one another.

2011 in March, Zhang Chengyun climbed up the grass with the canopy. When Zhang Chengyun looked down at work, slid from two meters high in the greenhouse and fell down. Right leg knee comminuted fracture, Zhang Chengyun lying in bed for more than a month, six months after the dare to move around. With his wife and son and daughter to take care of the family, Zhang Chengyun can recuperate at ease. But in 2012, when Zhang Chengyun’s disease is not fully recovered, but his wife because of overwork, suffering from cerebral thrombosis.

His wife and

see home, some friends and relatives began privately to persuade Zhang Chengyun to give up the child. But Zhang Chengyun insisted that the child must be brought up.

the establishment of cooperatives, 5 families of disabled together

2013 years ago, Zhang Chengyun and others in the village for watermelon farmers, picking watermelons began to stall at the roadside, set in. But since the house was repeatedly change, Zhang Chengyun and his wife’s health are not allowed to go around selling watermelons, and grandson is needed at any time with around.

"kind of watermelon sell, do not sell a good price, it is not in vain?" Think of these, Zhang Chengyun found the village and 4 disabled families, along with the establishment of fruit cooperatives and their preparation. After the establishment of cooperatives, we unified management, unified sales, the formation of the scale, there will be a large order to come."