store management is very complex, we do not pay attention to the business will enter the misunderstanding, to the impact of the development of the store. Operating jewelry stores, we should pay attention to business mistakes, to avoid errors, so that the sustainable development of stores, access to huge profits. Small series will introduce the jewelry store business mistakes, hoping to help businesses fast operating. So, what are the errors in the jewelry store?

ignore the site lost source

many jewelry shop operators can not do a very good initial site investigation, blindly choose to shop shop, easily opened easily, there is no source, this is the lack of study and exercise in the jewelry store business can not be neglected in the shop location factors, good location is the half of success.

promotion is not in place less than

promotion is not in place the lack of popularity, this is a lot of stores did not think, a lot of people just to open their own shop, do not know the holidays or opened first promotional work, ignoring the public psychology, also easy to cause the promotion is not in place, not to attract customers, timely promotion, but also a manifestation of the strength of the shop that store can refer to store promotions, appropriate to do promotional activities.

first store after the goods

as the saying goes, a shop to eat for three generations, the address right, shop location is good, no matter what you sell can sell, only the good in varying degrees. There is a good shop, generally do not sell your goods, again good, not good shop only backlog. Therefore, the operator should operate in more efforts, find a suitable store, into a group of the right goods, with the most suitable business model, to give customers the best service, these details are ready, you success is not far away.

store business is a lot of misunderstanding, we have to understand the main business mistakes. In the operation of the store, we should pay attention to avoid errors, so that the store continued development, access to good prospects. Operating jewelry stores, we must seriously operate, careful management. I hope you pay more attention to store management, so that the store continued development.