Spring Festival is the time to run the major stores, many shopkeepers will do a good job stocking. However, such a period of time is also very rampant criminals of the time. A few days ago, listening to the unit, a customer manager, said he visited a retail customer in the region by two men robbed of the two chinese. The event is about this: about 7 o’clock in the morning, Jin Xin grocery store owner just opened soon, two men came in, say to want to buy 2 Chinese smoke.

is in a hand in money smoke as one and another box of Chinese cigarettes, the shop owner just put back with the smoke, which had good two Chinese cigarettes on the counter, the two young men while the boss back with the smoke of the occasion, pick up a cigarette and said nothing a car ran to the outside help, start the car, in the two smoke and rapid grab escape, also smashed the glass door. When the shop owner ran out, the outlaws had fled……

Spring Festival is approaching, at present, most of the cigarette retail customers to meet the consumers of cigarette demand during the Spring Festival, the availability of supply to invest a lot of money. This part of the supply, the name of high-grade cigarettes accounted for a considerable proportion. According to the incidence rule over the years, criminals are always in the habit of years ago "big money", so that the Spring Festival is also an opportunity brewing robbery criminals. In order to prevent the occurrence of such a similar event, in this paper, the author put some countermeasures to prevent the cigarette was robbed to make a simple summary:

is a hand, a hand delivery. After the purchase, the first to pay, and then take a cigarette, or the first to buy the smoke into the cabinet, and there is no other to buy the goods, and then the transaction, that is, people often say, do not see the rabbit does not spread eagle."

two is cautious, careful observation. When someone comes to buy high-grade cigarettes, pay attention to the surrounding situation to see if there is a partner waiting, or transportation (such as: motorcycles, cars, etc.), the license plate number is complete.

three is to put the smoke within the limits of their own control. When placed in the cigarette as far as possible in the front of the enclosed counter, the whole cigarette should be placed on the back of the shelf, shelves and counters should be the distance to the customer stand outside the counter even if the hand is not enough.

four is to promptly report to the police or tobacco monopoly department. Once encountered "grab", retail customer shall promptly inform the police or tobacco companies related staff, the license plate and remember as much as possible physical characteristics and driving a criminal suspect, which is conducive to the rapid tracking of people committing crimes.

five is possible to install a camera. Often seen in the television news to monitor the camera to shoot down a criminal picture, the author believes that the benefits of installing surveillance cameras quite a lot, especially in the retail supermarket, if there is a surveillance camera