Singapore Pacific shipping freighter is almost more than ninety percent of the cargo bay appeared in the world. As the ship industry fully deserve big boss, Singapore Pacific shipping freighter is how to develop? The most important words can not be separated from its founder – Zhang Yunzhong, let us approach the great man to see what he brings to us.

was founded in 1967 of the Taiping shipping company in the global operations of more than and 50 routes, more than and 200 shuttle cargo ship in more than and 100 countries more than and 500 ports, which in the first private shipping companies ranked in Southeast Asia, the global container shipping industry ranked fourteenth.

Pacific shipping company founder Zhang Yunzhong, 96 years old this year, in 2014 July issued 2014 Forbes Singapore’s 50 richest people on the list, with a net worth of $2 billion 100 million he ranked 12. Of course, he is also the richest man on the list.

nearly fifty years before business, every day being 7 years with more than and 40 ships

not long ago, the reporter visited the PIL founder Zhang Yunzhong and his son and successor Zhang Songsheng in singapore.

96 at the age of a benevolent and kind countenance of Mr. Zhang Yunzhong, a white haired reporter, it will be difficult for him and imagined 47 years Pibozhanlang "tough guy" link.

1918 Zhang Yunzhong was born in Fujian, a large family of kinmen. To avoid war, he came to Singapore with his family. At the beginning of the exotic, uncle Zhang Yunzhong first in the trade business apprentice, after uncle firm work.

in the meantime, because often use the boat to transport goods to sell, Zhang Yunzhong came into contact with shipping, began to study how to operate the shipping company. Later, he bought a second-hand ship with a partner, began to do barter business. To the sea for the first time, he bought a rubber with sugar, but not the next naval blockade that met the sea pirates, final losses.

didn’t start his career until Zhang Yunzhong joined the Taixing in 1948. Tai Xingyuan created Qifu shipping, Zhang Yunzhong served as general manager. But the company is only acting business, Zhang Yunzhong proposed to the boss to buy a ship, in order to break the monopoly of foreigners. In Qifu shipping, Zhang Yunzhong worked for 18 years, the boss will help a $1000 company started, for the development and expansion of 37 ships, assets of nearly billion company.

1967, Zhang Yunzhong and friends at the age of 49 and two brothers partnership, with 6 million yuan established Singapore Pacific Shipping Company Limited, the acquisition of 3 ships near the ship, when the title to KOTA at the beginning, in Malay means "city".

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