because the early bets on Facebook and gain lucrative venture investor James Breye (· W· James  W.  Breyer) is part of the profit investment China, in cooperation with a Vc firm in Beijing science and technology venture investment company, the China.

6 4 July, California as Artaud’s Palo Axel partnership (Accel  Partners) the long-term partner, Breyer and IDG completed in June 3rd will raise a $586 million (about 3 billion 700 million yuan) funds to invest, and to provide advice for the. The fund is expected to be used for early investment in China’s technology, media and telecommunications companies.

the statement, after two years of frenzied trading as investors, to China technology company when the surge of interest. A large number of transactions involving China’s Internet giant: Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent. Over the past few years, only three companies have invested more than $10 billion acquisition of start-up companies and competitors.

between him and the Beijing IDG capital origin, can be traced back to 2005, they began to cooperate China investment enterprises in that year. At that time, IDG capital of five funds invested $about 2000000000 in china. IDG capital founding partner of general Xiong Xiaoge, he became the capital of Breye recommend investors has played an important role.

IDG is the founder of the death of Mcgovern this year. The Boston based company established a branch in China in 1993, which is the first Vc firm in china. This wind is located in Beijing investment company is an early investor and some technology start-ups Chinese largest, including Baidu, Tencent, Sohu and ctrip. IDG capital is a shareholder of millet, which is a fast-growing Chinese smartphone manufacturer, IDG also has 91 wireless shares, which was last year, Baidu app store 1>