the development of the economy, the enterprise is strong, all of which can not be separated from talent! The state attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents and the excavation of talents! At present, Sichuan has become the country’s eighth allowed to build a national human resources service Industrial Park, we look at the following.

recently, human resources and Social Security Department replied to the Sichuan provincial government, agreed to build "China human resources service industry park in Chengdu". Since then, the province has become Shanghai, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other provinces (cities), the country was allowed to build Eighth National Human Resources Services Industrial park.

Chinese human resources service industry park in Chengdu in accordance with the "government led, corporate body, market operation mode, the industrial agglomeration and cultivating the market, business incubator, focus on talents" as the core functions, and strive to build a diversified and multi-level and professional human resource service industry chain.

according to the plan, the Industrial Park core carrier construction area of 114 thousand square meters, the total area of the supporting function area of 834 thousand square meters, the establishment of the Chengdu high tech Zone, Chengdu Economic Development Zone (Longquanyi area) and Chengdu three people park.

Chengdu hi tech Zone will create high-end human resources services, industrial parks and high-tech human resources services Industrial Park, focusing on the development of high-end business consulting, executive search, HR outsourcing, personnel assessment and other services; Chengdu Economic Development Zone (Longquanyi) park around the high-end equipment manufacturing, strive to build the industrial chain of high-end car service personnel in the high-end industry, a collection of high-end talent; talent Chengdu park located in the public service personnel, and strive to build an important public service center personnel and human resources market with the western region the service integration platform, talent sharing of information exchange platform.

in the development of the economy, in the final analysis is still playing a vital role in people. As the saying goes, "a man can be prosperous, so one can of course level. The construction of human resource service industry park in Sichuan will help the province to introduce more talents, which is of great significance to the development of enterprises and the development of economy!

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