, a reporter from the Qinghai Provincial Medical Insurance Management Bureau, July 8th (Friday) from 18 to July 14th (Thursday) 8, Provincial Medical Insurance Management Bureau will stop all provincial medical insurance information system of family business operations, to upgrade the system core version.

It is reported that

, the shutdown does not affect the medical treatment of the insured, the insured can enjoy maternity insurance, to the provincial medical and maternity insurance designated medical institutions, pharmacy outpatient and inpatient treatment drugs according to individual condition. During the period of outpatient drug charges not credit card settlement, please personal cash advances, July 14th by the unit after the medical insurance purchase invoice (carrying outpatient special disease and chronic disease expenses required to provide prescription or drug name invoice) to staff medical insurance reimbursement related costs management bureau.

staff said that if there is any doubt, you can call the provincial health insurance Authority consultation telephone 0971-8217974.