October 10th, the NLD Central Committee held a working meeting on the League organization, made outstanding achievements in 5 years in the development of the organization work of the grass-roots organizations were commended and awarded the Xining municipal NLD "advanced collective" honorary title of organization development.

in recent years, new methods and new ideas to strengthen the building of grassroots organizations of the NLD party called the grass-roots branch exploration under the new situation, continue to accumulate new experience of grassroots organizations, to enhance the cohesion and influence of League organization. And the play ningxinjuli, intelligence intensive, the advantage of a wide contact surface, around the municipal government center work, play a positive energy, positive suggestions, political participation, and strive to become the NLD party construction to adapt to the new demands of the era of high-quality party participating in politics, to provide a solid guarantee for the personnel perform the functions of participating parties, for to build Xining into the life of the city, the city of happiness made contribution.

It is reported that

, which is following the NLD party won recognition of "Chinese NLD central democratic alliance alliance affairs work advanced collective", "the social service advanced collective", "to commemorate the seventy anniversary of the establishment of the Democratic Alliance China advanced" and "propaganda work advanced collective" and then won the national League Organization advanced collective honor. (author: Zhang Qian)