In recent days, the reporter visited the province’s Higher Vocational Colleges and the human resources market after the discovery of a new phenomenon of employment: the employment slowdown in state-owned enterprises, small and micro enterprises to increase employment. According to the analysis of human resource professionals, which is closely connected with the adjustment of economic structure, many large enterprises, state-owned enterprises are restructuring and development, influenced by the "double" atmosphere and various preferential policies of entrepreneurship, small and micro enterprises with the development of the fertile soil, active talents, the peak of employment.Only recently

than the start-up company, need more entrepreneurial talent mid enterprise. Since the establishment of Xining Yunlong Media Co., Ltd. 4 years ago, from the initial development of the staff of the staff of the current 18 to 3. The company also needs 5 photography, camera, post production and other professionals. "Looking for talent has become something that can be met without asking." Li Yun, head of the company lamented.