The fixed assets investment 102 billion 460 million yuan, up 10.1%, of which 42 billion 700 million yuan investment, boost the opening rate of key projects has reached 90%…… Since this year, Xining City, give full play to leading role in major projects, increasing investment, the project is still showing signs of life in the current macroeconomic environment, more and more households live in public rental, a number of new sports facilities in the public eye.

, give full play to financial ability, co-ordinate the integration of local government bonds, to revitalize the financial stock funds focused on key projects and the livelihood of the people, at the same time for nearly 12 billion yuan of various kinds of special funds, escort for construction projects. At present, the city’s key projects trot forward, 221 key projects have been opened in 196, completed an investment of 42 billion 700 million yuan, the central square of the North expansion project, the comprehensive management of the Beichuan River, Riverside Road East smoothly.