the morning of July 8th, the provincial capital of fresh air, After rain the sky looks blue., appropriate temperature, but at noon, the weather changed, thunder and lightning after the dump heavy rain, Xining meteorological observatory issued a timely lightning orange signal warning signal.

14:43 on July 8th, the Xining Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued orange signal warning signal lightning in Xining, expected possibility of lightning activity within 1 hours, or have been affected by lightning activity, and is likely to continue, the possibility of lightning disasters occur relatively large. Early warning, the government and relevant departments in accordance with the implementation of the responsibilities of mine emergency measures; personnel should stay indoors, and shut the doors and windows; suspend outdoor group activities and other outdoor aerial operations; outdoor staff try to hide in a building or car mine facilities; cut the risk of electrical source, away from the metal doors and windows, not under the tree, under the pole under the hill, and crane escape; umbrella in open space do not put tools, badminton racket, golf clubs and other metal items on his shoulders.

according to the provincial meteorological observatory weather bureau relevant responsible person, 8, Datong County, Huangzhong county and other places of thunderstorm weather, the next few days, and more showery precipitation in the northeast and southern province.