Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of transportation, "standard" adjustment scheme has successfully passed and issued toll highway in Xining surrounding areas, the introduction of it, on the construction of network in Xining city ", to form the great significance of the traffic pattern".

"highway around Xining area standard adjustment plan" specific adjustments as follows:

– South Line: South Ring Expressway interchange to yanggouwan in Si Ying (DOPA) mainline stations;

– North line: G6 Beijing Tibet expressway interchange to the Xiakou Si Ying (DOPA) mainline toll stations.

– adjusted mileage: 100.39 km.


the adjustment range: vehicles will be toll free;

: the adjustment of regional vehicle according to the existing fees and charges.

[content] adjustment

– 2 new mainline toll station: between G6, the Beijing Tibet Expressway caojiabao hub Interchange Interchange to Xiakou South Ring Expressway interchange to shop yanggouwan interchange respectively 1 new mainline toll station.

– cancel adjustment 15 toll stations within the region, the original Datong, Laoying village, dawn, Guo Si Ying (DOPA) mainline toll station, built in the shop, Liu Wan, caojiabao West toll station to open toll station.

to solve the city traffic congestion problem, construction still needs to accelerate the city rapid transit, rail transportation and other public transportation. The Provincial Department of transportation will also be the standard fee adjustment as an opportunity, relying on the Xining municipal government three years planning objectives, further intensify efforts to support the construction of transportation infrastructure in Xining, continue to do the Xining transit city, create intelligent transportation development guidance, support and help Xining city gradually realize the "road network outside the inner ring, into the net, provide strong transportation security strategy for the development of the eastern city of group of our province.