Carry out the food service food and health food cosmetics "prohibited overrun" special rectification action; to strengthen the drug and medical device production, management, use of standardized management; food and drug safety knowledge to thousands of households…… February 26th, the city food and drug administration, the Secretary of the week to reporters one by one this year to strive to improve the people’s diet drug safety level will focus on the work done.

crack down on violations of food service units

will organize the city’s catering service units to actively carry out food service food safety credit system construction, establish and improve the food service unit safety classification of credit files, the implementation of enterprise credit rating and grading supervision system; carry out the "illegal overrun" special rectification action to crack down on food service units, add the illegal use of non food raw materials and beyond the scope of ultra limited use of additives and other illegal activities; and vigorously promote the food service food safety demonstration projects to expand the Municipal Food Safety Demonstration District, demonstration street, demonstration unit coverage, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in our city national and provincial food safety demonstration project to create; to continue to carry out food safety supervision and quantitative classification management, increase the quantitative classification management publicity, guide Guide the public to find the smiling faces of the restaurant, into the smiling face of the restaurant, eating in the smiling face restaurant; solid food and beverage service to carry out food safety risk investigation. In schools, kindergartens and construction site canteen as the key parts to cooked dish, braised pork, grain and other key varieties, the tableware disinfection as the key link in the construction site canteen risk, and carry out the food safety risk investigation, making full use of technology, expanding the coverage of supervision and inspection to strengthen food safety, technical support for capacity building, to prevent the accident.

the city catering service units to actively participate in various activities, to further implement the "food safety first responsibility responsibility, strengthen the catering service provider self-discipline consciousness, to ensure that business practices law compliance. Strengthen the health food cosmetics business supervision, strengthen the focus on health food cosmetics supervision and inspection, to crack down on illegal add, false advertising and other illegal acts, to continue to carry out supervision and inspection of health food cosmetics and popular science publicity and education work, good health food varieties cleaning card. Health food cosmetics business enterprises should strictly implement the provisions of the management of the cable ticket, standardize business practices, establish a sense of integrity management.

to strengthen the supervision of the city’s pharmaceutical and medical devices

this year, we will consolidate the results of the focus of the field of drug remediation action, continue to maintain the trend of high pressure crackdown, and resolutely put an end to illegal production, business practices, to protect the quality and safety of drugs effective." For many weeks.

in the pharmaceutical production process, will carry out a comprehensive drug production enterprises, Chinese herbal medicine production enterprises daily supervision and supervision and inspection of medical institutions, supervise and urge enterprises to strictly implement the new repair;