December 10th, the city layout of education in 2013 to adjust the focus of project – the East District of South Primary School standardization of new projects in the Nanshan Road East extension started, the project total investment of 55 million yuan, covers an area of about 30 acres, a total construction area of about 14 thousand square meters, planning 30 classes, can accommodate 1350 students enrolled at the same time after the completion, can make up for the education resources layout of the East District of the blind spot.

it is understood that, with the expansion of city of our city to improve the implementation of the strategy and accelerate the transformation of the old city, at present, Nanshan Road East extension on both sides of the road have been built large resettlement area and government affordable housing projects, has about more than 5000 households in the new premises, the implementation of New South primary school project, can ensure that the (Kang the south area of the new residents) children can learn, good education, can effectively alleviate the huge pressure from Kang Nan area, improve and enhance the level of education in the East district. Reporters learned that, at present, the project has been carried out in the south of the health benefits of 28 million 900 thousand yuan. According to reports, the East District belonged to 18 primary school, 851 teachers, 331 classes, 20268 students. In recent years, the district has invested 215 million 920 thousand yuan to improve school conditions, increase the building area of nearly 16 thousand square meters, but increased year by year students leads to the student campus area is still not optimistic, the needs of the current primary school construction scale can not meet the development.