Month: March 2017

Xining’s first case the bus driver was severely overloaded criminal detention

In November 6th, a suspected severe overcrowding in the bus by the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment City Police Brigade seized, detained the driver. This is the "criminal law amendment (nine)" after the entry into force, Xining’s first passenger transport due to severe overcrowding by criminal detention.

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Xining City West District to create a beautiful city culture sample

November 28, 2013, melodious songs came from the community Cold Lake West District Xining Road, room, this is a day of celebration in the community choir in Vienna Golden Hall "the first international festival in old art colorful sunset" won the gold medal. Chorus to "Pastoral", "half moon climb up" two songs to conquer the foreign audience and the judges of the contest. "This award is the first time in Qinghai." West District Cultural Center staff Wu Yanhong said. read more

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Xining City, 55 million, the construction of the South Primary School

December 10th, the city layout of education in 2013 to adjust the focus of project – the East District of South Primary School standardization of new projects in the Nanshan Road East extension started, the project total investment of 55 million yuan, covers an area of about 30 acres, a total construction area of about 14 thousand square meters, planning 30 classes, can accommodate 1350 students enrolled at the same time after the completion, can make up for the education resources layout of the East District of the blind spot. read more

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What are the conditions of blue frog Restaurant

What are the conditions for joining the

blue frog restaurant? On the Western leisure dining brand which good? Blue frog, blue frog is a rapid growth in China’s western brands. Franchise stores throughout Beijing, Shanghai and other cities.

blue frog as China’s rapidly growing Western style casual dining chain, blue frog in Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing has opened a number of stores.

blue frog western restaurant bar is one of BlueHorizon’s major brands, providing a strong flavor of the North American classic western cuisine. Blue frog with reasonable price, high quality food and drinks, comfortable dining atmosphere, first-class service and friendly attitude, consistent from beginning to end to offer Guests feel at home. dining experience. read more

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Strengthen the supervision of food safety

According to the national

people infected with H7N9 bird flu joint prevention and control work requirements, to strengthen food safety supervision, the provincial government office of food and drug safety committee recently issued the "notice", the deployment of the province to further strengthen the poultry food safety work.

the "notice" requirements at all levels of government attaches great importance to poultry food safety supervision work, conscientiously fulfill the responsibility for food safety responsibilities, the deployment of human H7N9 avian influenza infection control work, to further strengthen the management of purchasing, processing, production operators and the regulation of avian poultry, poultry and strictly implement the food safety supervision responsibility earnestly pays special attention to the food safety supervision work of the birds. "Notice" clearly in the poultry food supervision departments duties, asked relevant departments to strengthen the poultry farming sectors supervision, severely punished for illegal cultivation, management, transport without quarantine certificates, quarantine unqualified food for poultry or poultry slaughter and quarantine work; ensure into the slaughter of live poultry. The factory (field) before the quarantine rate reached 100%. To strengthen the use of poultry slaughtering enterprises license card management, and resolutely crack down on private slaughter. Strengthen the supervision of poultry production enterprises, and strictly implement the system of cable voucher. The implementation of market operators and the operators of the ground poultry operators, strict access to the quality of poultry market access, to ensure that the sale of poultry meat to 100% from fixed-point slaughtering enterprises. Increase the food and beverage service units to purchase poultry and products inspection efforts to crack down on the purchase of food and beverage units, the use of adulteration adulteration, unknown origin, died, no quarantine certificate of poultry meat and meat products. read more

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Xining heavy regulation of food and drug violations

Carry out the food service food and health food cosmetics "prohibited overrun" special rectification action; to strengthen the drug and medical device production, management, use of standardized management; food and drug safety knowledge to thousands of households…… February 26th, the city food and drug administration, the Secretary of the week to reporters one by one this year to strive to improve the people’s diet drug safety level will focus on the work done.

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Xining City North District People’s Procuratorate supervision and law enforcement work

supervision of the work of the procuratorate is an important authority given by the constitution of the people’s Congress, the purpose of supervision is to supervise and support the justice of the procuratorate. Accepting the supervision is not only the legal obligation of the procuratorial organ, but also the internal requirement and necessary premise of the procuratorial work.

April 20th, the provincial capital of the North District People’s Procuratorate Li Wei introduced in the supervision of the NPC Standing Committee, the North City District procuratorate did a lot of work. For example, the annual report to the NPC Standing Committee to report on the work of the NPC, the NPC deputies pointed out that the problem. At the same time to accept the inspection and inspection of the ministries and commissions of the people’s Congress, make a special report to them, ask them to make work and law enforcement. In addition, the procuratorate often invited the heads of ministries, deputies to the procuratorate to do lectures. In this year’s National People’s Congress, the work has been supported by the people’s Congress and the provincial and municipal leaders praise and affirmation. read more

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Xining City District in recognition of advanced collective military enterprises build a model villag

December 4th, Xining city held in 2012 "military enterprises build a model village" summed up in recognition of the general assembly, 10 individuals of 10 grass-roots party organizations, commended.

this year, the city district in accordance with provincial and municipal requirements, 11 villages in the west along the road to carry out environmental remediation, to whitewash the fence and wall door focusing on the transformation of "military enterprises build a model village". The total investment of 73 million 243 thousand and 900 yuan, completed the construction of the project of the top 12 categories of 112. By strengthening the professional strength, coordination, strengthen supervision and inspection, to build units focus on building mechanisms and other measures to actively strive for agriculture related projects, the area of the "military enterprises build a model village campaign showing a characteristic of a bright spot, there is a breakthrough, focus on the overall work on the level of" work pattern. Activities, so that the majority of villagers’ environmental awareness increased, littering, littering, dumping sewage phenomenon significantly reduced, the villagers living environment has been further optimized, fundamentally solve the problem of environment dirty and messy. (author: Su Jianping)
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Xining to ensure that the two market supply price stability

in order to do a good job in 2013 New Year’s day and Spring Festival market supply, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and other relevant departments to further clarify the responsibilities of the task, refinement measures, do the work, to ensure that the "two" during the period of beef and mutton, pig and vegetable variety, price stability.

in order to further improve the "two" during the supply of vegetables, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce winter reserve of 40 thousand tons of vegetables, from the beginning of September and, as of the end of December, has completed 43457 tons of vegetables reserve; from October 15th plan of transporting 50 thousand tons of vegetables, mainly transported cabbage, radish, garlic, celery, green pepper 15 vegetable varieties. Up to now, the organization has been transporting vegetables more than 30 thousand tons, an average of 467 tons per day on the market. And in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural and sideline products distribution center and Sea Lake Road wholesale market set up a "Xining vegetable basket" project vegetable supply point". In 100, Hualian, Wangfujing, Huarun, Hui Hakka supermarket set up special offer parity, vegetable supply area, more than 10 people daily schedule according to the purchase price of food sales. The 27 main varieties of vegetables farmers market, supermarket sales of the strict implementation of the zero slip, the establishment of parity counters about 15 kinds of cheap vegetables daily schedule. During the holidays, the coordination of major supermarkets to carry out promotional activities, low-cost sales of vegetables and other agricultural and sideline products. read more

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The province issued an emergency plan to do a good job of earthquake disaster medical rescue

The Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission recently issued the "Qinghai Province earthquake disaster medical rescue emergency plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "emergency plan"), to protect the earthquake disaster after the medical rescue work quickly, efficiently and orderly, improve our health to health department of earthquake disaster emergency response capability and level of medical rescue. To minimize casualties and health hazards, to maintain social stability.Eight

"emergency" by the earthquake disaster grade, earthquake disaster medical rescue system, earthquake disaster medical rescue emergency response and termination, on-site medical rescue, post earthquake disaster medical treatment and epidemic prevention work, safeguard measures etc.. Provincial Health and family planning administrative departments set up a leading group for earthquake relief, health and family planning administrative departments around the establishment of a corresponding leading group, field command and expert group. "Emergency plan" made it clear that after the earthquake disaster, the local health and family planning administrative departments of health and medical rescue leading group should designate the appropriate hospital as a rear treatment hospital. The hospital received instructions shall do a good job in 30 minutes to receive the first batch of the preparatory work, to do a comprehensive treatment of the wounded within 2 hours of the preparatory work, shall not delay or refuse for any reason, the wounded were treated in time after medical treatment at the same time, in accordance with the provisions of the report.   read more

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